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BIPOC Assistant Stipend

Assisting in Hakomi trainings is one important way to continue learning the Hakomi Method after graduating from Hakomi Professional Training or Comprehensive Training. To encourage more BIPOC (Black-Indigenous-People of Color) Hakomi graduates to assist in our trainings, Hakomi Institute of California awards two BIPOC assistant stipends each year. These stipends will allow people of color to assist in our trainings who might not otherwise be able to do, and will also help us to build a more diverse training staff.

We will prioritize these stipends for BIPOC assistants who meet three or more of the following criteria:

a)  Proficiency with the Hakomi Method
b)  Ability to mentor students effectively
c)  Demonstrated commitment to working with underserved populations
d)  Inability to assist in Hakomi trainings without financial aid

If you’re interested in applying for our BIPOC assistant stipend, please submit an application form to our administrator at contact@HakomiCA.org.