Assistant Discount Program

Hakomi Institute of California offers discounts on our trainings to qualified assistants and also allows assistants to pass on discounts on Hakomi introductory workshops to family, friends and colleagues.

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Ethical Issues Relating to Hakomi's Name


Some members of Hakomi's worldwide community believe that the Hakomi name was received in a sacred transmission given to us in a dream. Others in our community feel that Hakomi's name has been culturally appropriated from the Hopi people and want us to rename our work.

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Ethical Issues in September 2021 Article

An article was published online in September 2021 voicing ethical concerns about a leader in a psychedelics assisted psychotherapy community who is not a member of the Hakomi community. The author of this article, a former Hakomi student, also states concerns about how Hakomi Institute of San Francisco (the organization that preceded Hakomi Institute of California) addressed his ethical complaints about this leader over 25 years ago as well as more recently.

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