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Hakomi Institute of California

The Hakomi Institute of California is a professional educational organization dedicated to providing high quality trainings in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology.


We offer workshops and trainings to mental health clinicians in Hakomi's unique and powerful mindfulness-based somatic techniques. Coaches, body workers, pastoral counselors, educators and other helping professionals can also use the Hakomi Method and value its gentle and precise methods for surfacing and shifting limiting core beliefs.

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Hakomi has been taught and practiced worldwide for over 30 years. It combines body-oriented techniques with verbal interventions supported by unique guiding principles. These principles--body-mind holism, mindfulness, non-violence, unity and organicity--create a gentle and respectful frame for inner exploration, personal growth, and the gentle and deep transformation of unconscious core material.

All of our trainings are experiential and include time for practice. Teaching assistants provide supervision in a safe, gentle and encouraging learning environment. Included in our trainings are new findings and applications from the fields of trauma, attachment and developmental and interpersonal neuroscience.

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