Class Schedule

1:30-3:30   Learning activities
3:30-3:45      Break
3:45-5:30   Learning activities

9:30-11:15   Learning activities
11:15-11:30   Break
11:30-1:00   Learning activities
1:00-2:30   Lunch
2:30-3:45   Learning activities
3:45-4:00   Break
4:00-5:30   Learning activities


9:30-11:15   Learning activities
11:15-11:30   Break
11:30-1:30   Learning activities

All teaching is experiential and includes time for
practice and feedback. 
Schedule subject to change. 

As an approved continuing education provider, 
Hakomi Institute of California is required to award CE
credit for instructional time only; no CE credit will
be granted for lunches and breaks.

To receive CE credit for a given weekend, you must
attend the entire weekend 
plus the followup practice
session for that weekend, and submit a signed class

evaluation form.





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Hosted by Rob Fisher and Manuela Mischke-Reeds, Certified Hakomi Trainers

September 29-October 1

Dear {subtag:name|part:first|ucfirst},

Are you new to Hakomi and curious about its powerful methods for breaking free of limiting beliefs, old traumas and addictive spirals?

Or are you trained in Hakomi and looking to deepen your knowledge of its unique mindfulness-based somatic techniques for healing and personal growth?

If either of these is true for you, we warmly invite you to join us for the first-ever Hakomi Global Summit presented by The Shift Network on September 29-October 1, 2015.

It’s an honor to be among 15+ of the world’s top Hakomi experts speaking at this unprecedented gathering. We hope you’ll join us for this extraordinary opportunity to learn from renowned Hakomi teachers from the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia working in fields from psychotherapy to coaching to bodywork and business consulting—including some of our own California faculty!

HakomiSummit email

Summit Program and Presenters

Hakomi & The Essential Self with Jon Eisman
The Mindful Tracker with Jaci Hull
The Art of Connecting with Lorena Monda
The Mindful Therapist with John Perrin
Architectural Blueprints: How We Organize Our Beliefs in the Body-Mind with Gal Szekely
Working in the Present Moment with David Fish
Connected in Love with Julie Murphy
Accessing & Opening the Door to the Unconscious with Dominique Lando, Susan San Tara
Hakomi-Wired: How Neuroscience Informs the Hakomi Method with Shai Lavie
Resistance is NOT a Problem with Karen Baikie
Mindfulness & Sexuality with Maci Daye
Loving Presence with Donna Martin
A Wider Net: Cultures of Creativity, Compassion & Care (Hakomi in Business) with Mukara Meredith
Safe Touch with Morgan Holford
Attachment Wounds with Donna Roy
The Use of the Body in Psychotherapy with Halko Weiss

For more details or to register, visit The Hakomi Global Summit info page.

Summit Format

  • Signing up gives you free access to all the live expert sessions.
  • You can listen to the replays online for up to 48 hours after the original broadcasts.
  • You can choose to listen to all sessions or just a selection.
  • Each session will be around 30-45 minutes long.
  • There will be an option to pay to upgrade to receive additional Hakomi resources, which you can sign up for or decline.

What’s Unique about Hakomi?


In our experience, Hakomi Experiential Psychology offers one of the most inspiring and effective integrative approaches to psychotherapy and personal growth that's emerged at the interface of psychology, somatics and spiritual practice.

Many transformative practices either draw on the wisdom of soul, the insights of the mind OR the healing of the body. But as you’ll experience in this event, very few are as truly multidimensional as Hakomi—which offers healing on biological, psychological, emotional AND spiritual levels.

What’s so extraordinary about Hakomi is the way it synthesizes the best of time-tested Eastern and Western modalities into one all-encompassing dynamic method that aims to transform the person as a whole.

                                 RSVP here for The Hakomi Global Summit — at no charge!

We’re delighted to participate in this exciting online event from September 29 - October 1, 2015 and hope you'll join us to directly experience the power and possibility of Hakomi Experiential Psychology.


Rob Fisher and Manuela Mischke-Reeds
Co-Hosts of The Shift Network’s Hakomi Global Summit

For information on other
events offered by the Hakomi Institute of California, 
please visit

Hakomi Institute of California
343 Soquel Avenue, Box 16
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