Hakomi Code of Ethics

All Hakomi students, graduates, practitioners, teachers, trainers and staff are required to follow the Hakomi Code of Ethics established and regularly updated by the Hakomi International Ethics Committee. 

Please take some time to review Hakomi's code of ethics to ensure that you practice within the ethical guidelines required within our community.


Hakomi Ethical Grievance Process

If  you feel that a Hakomi student, graduate, practitioner, or instructor has treated you unethically, and attempts to resolve the situation on your own have  been unsuccessful, you're welcome to submit an ethics claim with the Hakomi International Ethics Committee using our ethical grievance process.


Other Ethics Resources

As a member of USABP, the Hakomi Institute and all of its affiliates, including the Hakomi Institute of California, are also required to comply with the following ethical standards:

United States Association for Body Psychotherapy Code of Ethics

The Hakomi Institute of California offers an additional local grievance procedure for issues relating to California Hakomi trainings, workshops, and related business policies:

Hakomi Institute of California Grievance Process (pdf)

 From Trauma to Dharma Audio Recordings

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